3 Tips to Effectively SELL Your Home

    If you’re reading this you’re likely interested in selling your home, and maybe have questions about how the process works and what to expect along the way. It’s no quick or easy feat, but with the right essentials the process can be straightforward, affordable and most importantly, effective.

    Below are 3 tips for effectively marketing and selling your home. Take note #3 is the determining factor that makes all the difference!

    • Staging Matters:

    We often get tied to the idea of “our” home- the memories, its comfort, and the lifestyle it’s fostered throughout our living there. Yet when selling, we sometimes forget we’re not selling “our” home, but rather the home of a potential buyer. That means it’s important to present “their” home in a way that’s most captivating to buyers. Staging is the first impression a potential buyer gets to envision their future in your home, so ample preparation is key! Its cleanliness, organization and creative touch can separate “a home” from “their home.”

    Note: Simple, easy, and affordable staging advice is available at your disposal, see tip #3. And a professional photographer is just as necessary!

    • Market Determines List Price:

    We’d all love to sell a Chevy with custom vinyl stripes, lights on the inside, and painted rims for $100k, but in reality it won’t sell for more than $15k. The same works for selling a home. There’s technical analysis of market demand, relativity, and historic data of what homes just like yours sold for previously. Of course, there’s room for negotiations and there’s lots of moving parts at play, so this should best be handled by a local real estate expert who’s familiar with these factors.

    Note: Realtors always work in your favor, they make commission off the price of your home, so it’s vital to both them and you that it’s priced correctly. Always make sure you are working with a seasoned Realtor, or a Realtor who has seasoned Realtors behind them every step of the way.

    • Choose the Right Real Estate Agency:

    Every Realtor works for a brokerage. It could be a big box brokerage like Keller Williams or Re/Max, or a boutique brokerage like ourselves, K Real Estate. What matters isn’t the name of the agency, but rather the resources it has at its disposal. Just because you choose the biggest brokerage out there to list with, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily the best.
    What matters most about the real estate agency you choose to list with is the amount of buyers they have ready to purchase, and the amount of time and money they invest in their marketing and open house efforts. Buyers are searching online more than anywhere these days, so listing with an agency that’s at the forefront of their search is most beneficial for you!

    Below is a quick breakdown of what to look for!

    • A good agency has divisions for each part of the selling process. This makes everyone an expert in their department.
    • A good agency hires or has in-house photographers, staging experts, lenders, and an expert marketing staff. At no cost to you. Why? Because they’re good enough to actually sell your home.
    • A good agency knows it needs access to a pool of potential, serious buyers. Most get a house on the market and then go look for buyers. It’s time consuming, ineffective, and inefficient.
    • Marketing, marketing, marketing! It should go beyond open houses, Zillow listings, and simple Facebook postings. Effective marketing should include a marketing expert whose sole specialty is getting your home sold.

    Yes, all of this adds up, but a good real estate agency doesn’t need to charge you for it because they know they will sell your home to make up these expenses.

    Questions or comments? Give us a call at (713) 364-4003

    Best of luck in your search,
    K Real Estate!

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