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    Arian is bilingual in Farsi and English. Prior to getting his real estate license, he received a degree in Finance from Texas A&M University, and spent years working at his family’s car dealership. Arian was always drawn to the human side of relations, and felt real estate was the right avenue for him to leverage his expertise in economics to better the lives of others.

    He’s interested in growing a diversified portfolio of unique, yet complimentary services,
    and wants to learn as much as he can about real estate, while making and maintaining
    great relationships. “I love to meet new people, and found real estate to be the perfect
    opportunity to learn from many varying perspectives.”

    Analytical and tactful, Arian knows the importance of being well versed in every facet of
    real estate. He is careful to make sure each component is addressed and his clients are
    well informed throughout the entire home buying process. He knows it is increasingly
    important to be knowledgeable about the trends and data in the Houston housing
    market, and is able to offer the best strategic advice possible for his clients. Arian’s
    background in finance and economics ensures his clients are always well informed and
    well represented.

    “Sharing my knowledge to help create a sense of ease and understanding is so

    Passionate about personal growth and helping others, Arian believes learning is a
    lifelong process. He is a steadfast, tenacious agent with a results-oriented mentality,
    whose attitude and drive are qualities his clients have come to rely on when buying real
    estate. He loves what he does, and always goes the extra mile to ensure each of his
    clients is well taken care of.

    When Arian isn’t busy helping clients, he’s usually putting in hours at his family’s
    dealership, out enjoying the bustling inner-loop lifestyle, or hitting the gym.

    “Great company!! Have recommended to many others that have used them as well and
    also had a very positive experience. They got me a GREAT deal on my house (my
    favorite part of the service I received from them). They were very knowledgeable in
    negotiating (from previous experience in negotiating executive compensation packages).

    I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM! I was a first time buyer and they answered all
    of my questions and never got annoyed of them...and there were LOTS of questions!”

    “We were very thankful for the communication that these realtors used. We felt like
    valued customers throughout the entire process of searching for, then buying a home.
    They were truly working for us and keeping is informed along the way.”

    Arian Jafari
    Texas Licensed Real Estate Agent
    Krueger Real Estate
    3320 Jackson Street
    Houston, TX 77004
    Phone: (713) 364-4003
    Fax: 713-474-1544

    Arian Jafari

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