Big Box VS. Boutique Brokerages

    For you, the client. 

    The opportunities in choosing the right brokerage for you are endless. So what should you look for? And what’s the real difference between those “Big Box” firms everyone knows about and the boutique brokerages that maybe aren’t so known? Here’s the rundown:

    An agent who works for the “Big Box” firm (say, Keller Williams, REMAX, etc.) generally works there for one of three reasons (none of which directly benefit you). Reason number one; they are new to the industry and have chosen to work there to gain more information, and are likely in constant training. Two; they have a friend who works for the brokerage and used this as a comfortable “in.” Or three; they believe that the name recognition will benefit them in their personal career.

    By hiring a “Big Box” agent, you’re guaranteed an agent who will input your home into the MLS database and put a “for sale” sign in your yard. They’ll probably hold your home open several weekends for potential buyers to see, and you’ll receive the professionalism of a contract written to a high legal standard. But, that’s the basics!– all great agents should be able to do these things effectively. However, agents who work for boutique brokerages generally have more flexibility over how they run their business in terms of what’s most important– marketing. Rest assured that the success of your purchase or sale as a client depends largely on your agent’s ability to effectively market themselves to a wide, but targeted audience.

    Boutique brokerages provide all same services as the their “Big Box” competitors, but their intimate size provides them the opportunity to offer more, especially in terms of marketing and personal branding. Boutique brokerages are clients based, not numbers based. It’s very common to find that boutique firms have developed their own niche in their respective real estate market. Often they obtain vast knowledge of their client’s needs and wants, and are able to maintain personalized relationships with each person they work with.

    The opportunity to develop a personalized buying or selling plan tailored to your experience is a great possibility in choosing to work with a boutique firm, and many times, small companies choose to work closely together to achieve goals. Boutique brokerages believe that when an agent truly understands their clientele and can offer a personalized experience, their credibility and loyalty can easily be earned. They see value in this formative relationship and keep it at the core of their beliefs and operating systems.

    Sure, having a brand name behind you may give you a leg up, but growing a successful real estate business and ensuring sales goes well beyond the name that supports your agent.  As a boutique brokerage, we know that our potential clients want to connect with knowledgeable agents who have the experience and expertise to properly get the job done, so we “vet” our agent pairings a bit more meticulously, and offer a personalized experience tailored to the person who matters most– you, the client.

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