April 30, 2020 at 9:51am | Krueger Assistance
When shopping for a home, you may often opt to visit as many houses as possible, seeing it as part of doing your homework. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the best path forward to a successful home buying process may be very different from what you’d expect. However, the many professionals involved in the home buying process have created precautions and strategies to help you at every step. Here’s how to get started.

Start With a Great Local Buyer’s Agent to Show the Way

Finding a great Buyer’s Agent is almost always a good idea, but hiring a buyers agent during coronavirus offers special advantages. Agents are paying attention to local regulations and can help you plan your home buying process around the current legal situations for certain essential and nonessential businesses. They understand how inventory and prices are being affected by the coronavirus, helping them to make recommendations to you that will help you move forward with confidence.

Get Great Information About the Area and the Home Specs

Another advantage of a Buyer’s Agent is that they’ll know a lot about the area and can help you interpret listings for homes to get the most possible information from them. By understanding on a street-by-street, block-by-block basis their area of operation, Buyer’s Agents help you look through the options available to you and really get to know their features, helping you narrow down your options to places that could potentially work for your family’s needs.

Use a Virtual Showing to Get Up Close With the House

These days, many real estate agents and sellers are using virtual showings as a way to reach out to buyers without sharing viruses between people. Attending a virtual open house allows you to get to know the buyers, see video in real time of the place, and ask questions about what you see. This is a wonderful second step after getting to know the neighborhood and the house specs, and it allows you to get most of your initial questions out of the way, helping you cement your opinion on the house. Even better, these remote showings are a good way for out-of-town buyers to get all their questions answered and buy a home entirely remotely.

If Available, Save In-Person Showings As a Last Step Before An Offer

If you are local enough to be able to do an in-person showing, keep it short and use lots of precautions, including masks and washing hands frequently. By saving this as a last step, you can only ask questions that occur during the walkthrough, rather than drawing out a meeting with initial questions. This showing, where allowed, can really help you to put any last issues to rest and finish by sending in your offer!

Move Safely With Precautions and DIY Solutions

Once you and your buyer’s agent have moved through the home buying process, make sure you treat moving with care as well. Work with a reputable moving company that is using gloves, masks, and frequent cleaning, but also consider how many frequently-touched items you can box up and move yourself, DIY-style. Moving yourself may be not-ideal for larger furniture, but the fewer items that need to be moved, the easier it will be to disinfect and enjoy your new home when you arrive!



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