Buying a Home? See Your Purchase From Every Angle.

    When you’re buying a home – especially for the first time – it’s hard enough to juggle the main decisions like budget and location without considering other small factors that may come into play as you settle in your new house. But as the old adage goes, the small things add up and deserve your attention before making an offer if you want to avoid buyer’s remorse down the road.

    Here are a view factors worth your consideration:

    1. Remember you’re buying the house, not the neighborhood.
    If you’re lukewarm on the house itself but love the surrounding area, bear in mind landscapes can change quickly and often. Many bustling Houston suburbs were great, wide-open fields just a decade ago. On the other hand, the trendy areas of town shift and change over time, so what you thought would be a cool, active spot could be a quieter corner in a few years.

    2. Think long-term.
    You may be a single bachelor now, but is there a chance a family could be in your future? Things like staircases and pools are no problem for adults, but remember to think about who might be living there in a few years. If babies (or even pets) are even on the distant horizon, you might want to rethink what’s on your home wish list.

    3. Your costs run deeper than the down payment.
    When you’re working out your home-buying budget, be sure you consider more than just the principal, interest, taxes and insurance. If you’re moving from a studio apartment to a four bedroom house, your utilities will likely increase a substantial amount. In addition, if you’re moving closer to or further from your office, commuting costs will change. Will you allow room in your budget for home projects? Even small DIY upgrades can add up.

    4. Research the HOA.
    If you’re looking to buy in a neighborhood governed by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) be mindful of the fact that rules may be written into the HOA agreement you might not like. Look for clauses about home improvements, the possibility of renting your home if you move temporarily, noise guidelines and parking rules.

    It’s obvious there’s a lot to think about it when it comes time to buy your house. That’s why at Krueger, we allow our agents the time they need to devote to their clients and help them sift through what matters. If you’re ready to get a Krueger Real Estate agent on your home buying team, click here to get started.

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