Home Selling Checklist!

    Thinking about selling your home? We can help! Here’s a list of things you can do to get ahead of the game.

    Get a Home Inspection
    If you have your home inspected before you list it, you can be aware of any major repairs needed and can address them before putting your house on the market. When it comes to finding a reliable home inspector, your Krueger Real Estate agent is a great source for recommending someone!

    Organize, Organize, Organize!
    It’s important that your house is clean and neat when preparing to sell. Storage is one of the top items on a buyer’s list, so showing off the space in your home makes it more desirable. TIP: organize and pre-pack items you don’t normally use to create more space.

    Up-to-date flooring is one for the most attractive features for buyers. They want a home that is move-in ready, and that includes flooring. Think about the condition of your carpet, the color, and the style. And ask yourself if your vinyl needs to be replaced or if your hardwood needs to be refinished. It’s also a huge plus if you have hardwood under your carpet!

    Move-in ready doesn’t just include flooring – paint color is very important! Think neutral, neutral, neutral! Most buyers have trouble picturing themselves living in a home if it is painted in bright or unusual colors, and they may feel they can negotiate on your asking price. With paint, play it safe – go neutral.

    Curb Appeal
    Your exterior gives a lasting impression when buyers drive by or view photos online. When buyers see an attractive exterior, they become more excited to see the interior. This includes the front, side, and back yard – What major and minor repairs are needed? Are the walkways, driveways, patio swept? Are there flower arrangements and fresh mulch?

    This is an important step when preparing to sell your home! Removing your identity from your home can be a tough process, but this enables buyers to emotionally envision themselves living there. Remove all personal photos and memorabilia. Pre-pack books, music, collections, and items that could be potentially offensive. Make sure all children’s toys are organized and put away.

    Smells/Air Quality/Pets
    It’s hard for a potential buyer to picture themselves living in a home if there are unfamiliar odors or pets lingering around. Make sure to avoid cooking foods that have strong smells, and make sure to remove your pets and their accessories (bowls, toys, litter box, etc.) while your house is on the market – or at least during showings. Air quality is a factor that can determine whether or not a buyer will make an offer on the home. Check for mold/mildew, inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

    Main Rooms
    Buyers don’t want to walk into a home and see a to-do list. All those small projects add up and will turn them away. Walk through your main selling rooms and ask yourself some questions:
    Is this room inviting?
    Does this room show its function?
    Are there any upgrades/repairs need to be made?
    How is the furniture in this room positioned?
    Is this room welcoming?

    Furniture and lighting play a huge part in www. As buyers walk through each room, you want there to be flow. Turning on all the lights for showings brightens up the home and makes It appear larger. Make sure your rooms aren’t too empty or too cluttered with furniture. You can also rent furniture during the time you are selling your home to create an ideal space.

    Want to learn more about selling your home? Contact us at 713.364.4003 or info@krealestate.com to speak to a licensed listing professional today!

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