Houston Ranks as Best New City for New Graduates

    Deciding where to take flight into the workforce is a daunting decision for any recent grad, and researching the countless factors of pros and cons can be overwhelming. Trulia and Indeed recently teamed up to make it a bit less overwhelming, by studying which cities provide the best combination of affordable rental properties and the types of jobs that typically employ new grads.

    Their conclusion: Finding the ideal place to work and live is tricky, because the market in which you might find the best-paying jobs may also happen to be too pricey for a 22-year-old to afford rent.  “Do new grads have to choose between a paycheck in their pocket or a roof over their head? To an extent, yes,” wrote Indeed and Trulia’s chief economists Jed Kolko and Ralph McLaughlin, the study’s authors.

    Yet the researchers note that there are some “sweet spots” that offer the best of both worlds. MONEY organized this data by eliminating any location where less than than 10% of the housing market was accessible to new grads, and then looking at the top job markets among the remaining cities on the list. So which city came in first?

    None other than Houston.

    It topped the list with a median monthly income of $3,188, more than 18 percent of its listings are affordable to recent college grads and more than 16 percent of its job postings were grad friendly. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington came in at number two, followed by Hartford and Baltimore.

    To see where cities stack up on the rest of the list, visit MONEY’s article here.

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