How Important Is Networking?

    Networking is at the core of every avenue of real estate. The success of your personal brand and credibility as a Realtor is largely dependent on how well, and how often, you connect with your colleagues. In the all-encompassing world of Realtors, brokers, loan officers, title companies, and so many other professionals related to the industry, networking is one of the simplest, most effective ways to engage with your professional circles.

    Here are a few tips for savvier networking:

    1. Curate a team of the right people

    A team of trustworthy, dedicated and competent people is vital to the success of your
    personal brand and business. Think of being a “jack of all trades” or an “ace of one”— which would you prefer? It will be inevitable in your career as a Realtor that you need to rely on other professionals in your circle of complementary professions, so creating and maintaining relationships with those people is absolutely necessary. Identify and connect with a network of professionals to whom you can refer clients, and vice versa. You’ll be amazed at how expansive your professional network becomes!

    2. Keep up with social media

    Social media has become a powerful tool to connect with the world. It’s a quick, simple and masterfully effective way to keep up with your clients, to share industry knowledge with your online audience, and to be easily accessed when clients or colleagues need you most. It’s important that your online presence be professional and consistent across all platforms, and related only to your profession as a Realtor. Be sure to leverage channels like Facebook and Twitter to promote and share your listings, while also staying active on major real estate aggregators like Zillow and Trulia. Most importantly, be authentic in your posting and respond to emails and messages in a genuine and timely manner!

    3. Attend industry conferences and events

    It can be tough to pull yourself away from your clients, but it’s important to regularly engage with your professional circles through attending industry related conferences and events. Treat them as opportunities to expand your knowledge of market trends, to learn about new technologies and innovations, and to share and connect with your colleagues. If possible, try to expand your geographical network by engaging with influencers from other areas, too. These new connections can offer new ideas, strategies, and in many cases—referral relationships.

    4. Engage, and stay engaged

    Community is where it all begins! As a Realtor, your connection to community is a special one. The interpersonal relationships formed daily in your profession aren’t formed just anywhere. It’s vital that you engage with your community and stay engaged with your community—these are the people who support you, and the people who you rely upon the most. Staying involved will not only expand your client base, it will strengthen your knowledge of varying neighborhoods, subdivisions and school districts. Spend some time volunteering and develop working relationships with local schools and businesses. Connect, connect connect!

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