Make Sure Your Home is Hurricane Ready.

    June marks the beginning of Hurricane Season, and being so close to the Gulf Coast here in Houston, we always need to be prepared. It’s important to remember tips of how to ensure your safety and your pet’s safety through a storm, but what about your home?

    Make sure your home’s ready for hurricane-force weather with these tips:

    Check loose shingles, boards, bricks and gutters.
    These can allow the wind to push in water and compromise the integrity of your home. Loose gutters that pull away from the roofline can cause water to start rotting the soffits of your roof.

    Clean your gutters.
    Keeping your gutters clear of clutter helps prevent water from backing up and causing issues to the soffits of your roof.

    Check seals on your windows and doors.
    Every inch counts in hurricane-force winds and weather! Make sure all windows and doors are properly and tightly sealed to prevent any water from making its way inside. Winds can reach very strong gusts in some cases, causing rain to push its way inside.

    Check to make sure weep holes are not blocked by landscaping or soil.
    What’s a weep hole, you ask? A weep hole is a small opening in the brick or stone mortar joint that is designed to allow water to “weep” from behind the wall’s veneer. Keeping them open will help minimize potential flooding in your home.

    Trim your trees!
    Overgrown tree branches are often the cause of power outages after a storm. They can also break off and become damaging to other parts of your home, yard, and neighbors’ homes and yards.

    Check to make sure any access to your attic from the outside is secured.
    Squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and other rodents often find themselves displaced in the aftermath of a storm.

    Keep yourself, family and pets safe by referring to the National Hurricane Center’s list of suggested tips here:

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