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Chase is a passionate professional with a fire for personal growth and development. After studying manufacturing & mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University, Chase entered the corporate world in the Oil & Gas industry where he spent 7 years. Still, he felt the draw to real estate where he could work closely with clients and see firsthand the impact he could have on their lives.

“I have a real passion for the whole industry. Being able to help someone find a place where they will place some roots and grow or an individual grow their portfolio and secure their financial future is important to me. I love design, architecture and DIY so the thought of helping sellers reach their full potential of their property or helping buyers see a hidden gem with minor changes or updates really is what I am passionate about.” Chase loves to learn on the go and is constantly looking for feedback to make sure he continues to evolve as a person, a friend, a colleague, and an agent.

As a cancer survivor of nearly 10 years, maintaining a positive, winning mindset is vital to Chase. “Making sure that negativity or anxieties don't creep into my head helps me make the most of every day!”

In the few moments he’s not busy helping clients, you can likely find Chase enjoying time at home with his wife and son, usually in the backyard playing and catching bugs! Or perhaps he’s getting creative with his hobby, making his own custom furniture!


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