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With a wide ranging career from nursing to real estate, Christine has centered her life around advocating for those she works with. “In my 27 years as a clinical nurse, I was conditioned to be a strong advocate for my patients. I chose to shift my focus to real estate when I realized how much of an impact I could have by leveraging those same skills and experiences.”

Christine is always setting ambitious new goals for herself. She began her real estate ventures by personally buying and managing rental properties. Her experience investing instilled a tenacity that she gladly brings to the table for her clients now. “I enjoy the challenge of negotiating for my clients to get them the best deal. Challenging myself and accomplishing my goals is extremely satisfying to me.”

In the little time she is not hard at work for her clients, Christine enjoys being a home, relaxing with her family. “My family is what’s most important to me. I always want to be a strong support for them.”


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