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Eric’s background is in sales and supply chain management. Before delving into real estate, he worked as an electronics and telecommunications salesman, and later in procurement for the oil and gas industry. Working extensively as a salesman and buyer of goods and services taught Eric the invaluable art of negotiation, and allowed him to experience working with people of many different backgrounds. His intricate knowledge and vast understanding of people’s various needs make him an asset to the field.

Results-oriented, driven and tenacious, Eric’s goal in every transaction is to ensure his clients feel well informed and represented from beginning to end. He is upbeat and positive, and views salesmanship as an art to be practiced until perfection. “Each time we meet someone new, it’s a sales transaction. You’re selling who you are. You’re selling your personality, your sense of humor, your charisma and most importantly, your integrity," he says.

Eric knows that sales transactions go far beyond the first meeting, and so his focus is on the follow through. As an analytical, numbers-driven person who’s also an active competitor in the sport of Jiu Jitsu, he is able to use his sharp focus and keen determination to think critically and make calculated decisions on behalf of his clients. He understands that buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions of someone’s life, and takes all measures to ensure his clients are comfortable and aware through every step of the process.

When he isn’t busy helping clients, he’s usually practicing his sport or exploring Houston’s scene with his friends and family. He lives by the motto of “let go of what you can’t control, while grabbing onto what you can” and tries his best to seize each moment, each day.


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