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Idean believes learning is a lifelong journey, and finds it fundamental to stay ahead of the game. He's a certified airframe and power plant mechanic by the Federal Aviation Administration, has experience in the oil and gas industry, and is a first generation Persian-American fluent in Farsi. Drawing from his diverse background, he's able to offer his clients an unique perspective coupled with an enthusiastic and easy-going experience.

Tactful and patient, Idean is a clever problem solver with a knack for listening to and prioritizing needs. From thinking of every possible scenario before it plays out, to being prepared and pre-emptive at each step of the process, he understands that the hard work he puts in directly correlates to the results his clients will see.

"I try to grow wiser, more critical, and more precise in my thoughts and my actions in everything I do," he says. "So I approach situations with my clients as if I were approaching them myself--whether that means spending more time searching for the perfect place or negotiating the very best deal, I always try to put myself in their shoes."

Idean began as a Realtor in July of 2017 and quickly became the fastest producing agent of Krueger Real Estate. In a little over a year he's helped 20 clients lease a home, 13 clients purchase a home and is on track to continued success in 2019. When all's said and done, he wants to live a happy life and look back on it one day with something to show and a story to tell.


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