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Maria brings a fresh, focused energy to her work. Even while studying in college she got a jump start on her career in real estate as a property manager. She then spent over 10 years in the energy industry working with financial products/investments.

Maria is passionate about understanding the financial, capital, and real estate markets and how they can be navigated to improve someone’s life.

After working for several investment firms, managing very large financial transactions, buying and selling every single day, Maria realized that she could use her skills and knowledge to do MORE than just help a company’s profits grow. “I could use what I’d learned to help people make one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives. Real estate is a very powerful investment tool and I want to help people see it for what it could be: an asset. But not just a financial asset, a house can also be an investment in every single part of life. Real estate can change the trajectory of a family's life and wealth.”

In the few moments she’s not busy working hard for her clients, Maria enjoys getting active outside, playing with her dog and volunteering, especially as part of The Junior League of Houston!

Maria is known for her contagious, positive outlook on life, "The more things I understand in this world, including people, the more things I can enjoy in life and the higher my chances of happiness are."


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