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Melvin views his role as a Realtor as more than a career choice--to him it's both a responsibility and an opportunity to leave a positive impact on the lives of others. His approach to real estate is centered around getting to know his clients as people and taking care of them from beginning to end.

Prior to delving into the real estate industry in Houston, he developed his craft in the even more dynamic and evolutionary market of San Francisco. He is experienced in working with buyers and sellers, and his easy going, friendly demeanor allow him to gracefully navigate stressful situations on behalf of his clients.

As a child Melvin was inherently drawn to interior design, and loved learning about the many different styles of homes. As an adult he's still driven by design, and loves that his career as a Realtor allows him to expand upon his established practices and interests. He's passionate about both the search for the perfect home, and the follow through after he's found it.

“I love being able to help my clients actualize their dreams of homeownership,” he says. “It brings me great fulfillment to play a role in some of the biggest moments of people's lives."

When he isn't busy working with clients, you can usually find him exploring the city or hanging at home with his pup. As a believer in “living on purpose”, he takes advantage of each moment given to him, and never ceases to appreciate the little things in life.


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