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Quyen became a Realtor for the chance to serve others by helping them help actualize their dreams. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry and background in business management, she's well equipped to provide her clients top notch service.

Task-oriented and very organized, Quyen is naturally enthusiastic with a friendly demeanor. For her, the most exciting part of being a Realtor is the relationships she forms with clients as they get to know each other. “Every day I wake up and think about how many people I'm going to help that day. I'm always thinking of how much of an impact can I make on someone's life, and how can I contribute to their happiness, dreams and goals,” she says.

She believes that connection is where we feel our shared humanity the most, and loves that real estate is an industry that encourages strangers to warmly welcome one another. Born in Indonesia and raised all over Texas, she's no stranger to embracing different walks of life. She's also fluent in Vietnamese which is a huge advantage in Houston's diversified market.

When she isn't busy helping clients, Quyen enjoys spending time with her loved ones, relaxing with a good book or hitting the gym. "Personally, there's nothing more important to me than family. They're definitely my motivation and what drives me everyday to be the best I can," she says.


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