Tony Song Agent (832) 398-0961

Tony graduated with a Supply Chain Management degree from the University of Houston. Before shifting his career, his background was exclusively in oil and gas. But with a passion to impact people’s lives with a more hands-on approach, Tony decided to dive into real estate.

“I’ve always been driven to provide my customers or clients the best experience possible. If I'm not the first person you consider, then I have failed and will strive to change that.”

Tony’s dedication to personal development and growth makes him an ideal representative of a constantly evolving industry. “I’ll always jump at an opportunity to learn and hone my skills. The world is ever-changing and I believe I need continuous education in order to stay relevant.”

When he’s not busy hitting the pavement for his clients, you can typically find Tony spending time in his garage tinkering with his bicycle or car, practicing his photography hobby, or flying his drone!


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