Selling? Know These Common Mistakes.

    With spring in full swing, families on the move are gearing up to pack their bags and list their homes. If you’re one of them, have you considered your strategy for the most common challenges to selling your home? Some of these pitfalls are easy to fall into, but approaching your home sale with a plan of attack can keep your stress levels low and your home value high.

    Mistake 1: Mis-Pricing Your Home
    Your home may be priceless to you and your family, but its value in the market’s eyes can be a very specific number. The beauty of selling in a busy season like spring is that you’ll have lots of similar homes on the market to compare yours to when determining its value. It’s a challenge to not let your emotions rule the pricing of your home, but you’ll need to stick to the market data to determine a fair price that will still attract buyers.

    Mistake 2: Selling an Empty House
    If you’re on a tight timeline and have to pack your furniture before the house is sold, consider investing in a staging service to place rented furniture in the home while it’s on the market. Some buyers without an imaginative eye may look at an empty room and struggle to see its potential unless they’re guided with some kind of décor. Additionally, empty homes look cold and uninviting – not a good look if you’re encouraging visitors to make an offer.

    Mistake 3: Keeping Your Issues to Yourself
    Failing to fully disclose structural issues to potential buyers can be a hugely expensive mistake. It’s tempting to keep problems like foundational or plumbing difficulties to yourself, but buyers will uncover them. Save yourself the time, hassle and (most importantly) money by listing all your disclosures up front.

    Mistake 4: Overlooking Closing Costs
    By the time you get to closing, you may feel like you’ve crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s. However, if you coast through the closing process, you may be caught by surprise at the closing costs. You may be throwing away hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars if you aren’t requesting (and confirming) a list of expenses prior to handing over the keys. You’ll have a hard time acquiring any credits or discounts on closing day if you miss this important step.

    Mistake 5: Going it Alone
    It’s a statistical fact: sellers who do not employ the help of a professional real estate agent take longer to sell their homes and receive less money for their sale. Not only do Krueger Real Estate agents have the experience and expertise in your specific market, but they also have the means to market your home and bring foot traffic through your doors. Drop us a line if you’re ready to talk about putting your home on the market.

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