Selling? Make Sure You Set the Stage.

    When you’ve lived in a home for years, you may become desensitized to your interior décor style. However, a potential buyer (who is seeing your home with fresh eyes) may zero in on your taste and be turned off from buying if it doesn’t match their own. This is why we recommend taking a serious look at “staging” your home in advance of viewings.

    Simply put, staging means presenting your home in a neutral style that is attractive to a broad range of buyers. If your home is painted in bright hues, try switching it out for a neutral “greige” color that can appeal to buyers of either sex. Remove personal knick-knacks like family photos and sentimental dust-collectors; you want a buyer to imagine building their own lives there – not infringing on yours.

    Other quick and easy staging tips:
    • Look at your home from the street and be sure the lawn looks manicured, windows are clean and siding and walkways are clear.
    • Style your dining room table with fresh flowers. Family life often centers around the kitchen table, so make it as inviting as possible.
    • Arrange your living room furniture in a symmetrical pattern.
    • Be hypersensitive to pet odors. Steam-clean rugs and take extra care to vacuum and mop if you have a pet. You may be used to their smell, but visitors will not.
    • Bathrooms can sell homes. Be sure yours is pristine – no ifs, ands or buts about it.

    Interested in having your home professionally staged? Contact a Krueger agent today and let us set the stage for you.

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