Why Host an Open House?

    Hosting successful open houses are paramount to ensuring your listing gets maximum exposure. They’re an excellent tool for networking with other agents, buyers, and interested clients. Are your open houses up to par? Here’s some key mentionables:

    Harness the Web
    If you’re looking for greater success in the open house arena, the first thing you need to know is how to get prospective buyers to show up. One of the best ways to attract people is to advertise Open Houses a week in advance through social media.

    Signs, Signs, and More Signs
    The cornerstone of open house marketing strategy is signs, and lots of them. Use a collection of open house signs in an array of styles, colors, and sizes. Use a mixture of company-branded signs and specialty signs, which advertise giveaways ranging from fresh-brewed coffee to a list of area foreclosures.

    Being Friendly Pays
    Some Realtors say about 75 percent of their buyer business originates at open houses. Also try to provide a helpful giveaway—one that both buyers and your competitors appreciate. Tip: Before the event, map out all other open houses in the area, regardless of whether the homes are listed with your brokerage. This is a useful and thoughtful tool to give to each buyer. As homework before each open house, research every other listing in the neighborhood that falls within the same price range and general specifications as the open house. In conversations with visitors, the information helps showcase your market expertise and helps you point out the strengths in your listing.

    Get Neighbors on Your Side
    When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing for your listings, nothing beats the power of knowledgeable neighbors. Invite neighbors to their own special preview event an hour before the house opens to the public.

    Listen for Feedback
    Want to know why a home isn’t selling? Ask people what they like about the property, but take special note of their objections to buying.

    Make Them Remember You
    It is crucial that you have professional flyers that showcase your listing at its best. For the most prospecting punch, provide buyers with something of value in addition to the flyers: a map of other open houses in the area, a list of local foreclosures, or a snapshot of recent market activity. Even after they’ve moved on, they’ll remember the helpful information you gave them.

    Give Them a Reason to Come
    “Sometimes you have to do something a little different from the three Ps—put it in the multiple list service, put a sign in the ground, and pray,” Rome says. Consider having an event with a fun theme, such as ‘champagne and popcorn.’ Design an open house that guarantees people will show up.”

    Change it up!
    Dare to be different. Try an open house on an evening during the week. Do it on a Saturday morning and advertise there will be cartoons on the big screen for the kids. Think outside the box. Being different attracts attention, and attention means visitors.

    Distribute Flyers
    Drop off flyers at the area Welcome Center or at a nearby coffee shop.

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