Wonder Why Some Houston Homes Sell Quickly, While Others Linger?

    Sure it has a lot has to do with price and location, but certain home features are very desirable, and can help the sale of a home. What sorts of features? Here’s a list:

    Tasteful, Move-In Ready Homes.
    Turn-key homes with a few minor renovations are usually the easiest to sell. While there are buyers interested in fixer-uppers, the majority of Houston homebuyers are interested in something a little more immediate.

    Open Concept Homes with High Ceilings.
    The days of little square rooms for different purposes are long over. Modern homebuyers are looking for a home that feels spacious. Open concept floorplans with high ceilings are the perfect combo!

    Lots of Light.
    Did you know homes with ample natural light sell quicker? Play up those windows!

    A Stunning Kitchen.
    The kitchen is truly the heart of the home and will grab the heart of a buyer more than any other space. Make sure your cabinetry, appliances, and fixture selections are clean, crisp and inviting.

    First Floor Master Suites.
    We know this one is not easily helped, but if you’ve got a first floor master suite, you’re at an advantage!

    Walk In Closets.
    Buyers have things, and they need places to store them. This is pretty common in new builds, but if you’re selling an older home, it may be a great outlet for a creative closet challenge!

    Hardwood Floors.
    People love hardwood floors. They’re easier to keep clean than carpet and are much better looking!

    We know these features aren’t accessible in every home on the market, but if you feel your home’s been sitting idle for too long, and you’ve got the time and money to spend, updating to expand your pool of interested buyers isn’t a bad idea! Contact KRE to talk with a local expert.

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