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    • You know of 911, 411, probably even 311– but have you heard of 811?

    You know of 911, 411, probably even 311– but have you heard of 811?

    811 is the federally designated phone number homeowners should call before digging underground. Why, you ask? Because there are dozens of underground utility lines and the risks involved in accidentally hitting one can be costly for you and damaging for your community.

    Texas state law already requires excavators to call 811 before digging, but as a homeowner digging on your own property, you should call too. When underground lines are damaged, vital services and everyday conveniences can become disconnected. This can affect your home, and sometimes even entire neighborhoods and subdivisions.

    So how does it work? It’s simple!

    Dial 811 at least 48 hours (two working days) before you plan to start digging. 811 will notify the underground utility providers, who will then send professional locators out to mark the approximate locations of their utility lines. From there, you can dig confidently knowing the utility lines will not be disturbed!

    The 811 service is free for homeowners, and is also available online. For more information, FAQs, and a list of local digging laws, visit http://www.texas811.org/.

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